Implantologist, Cosmetic Dentist & Oral Maxillofacial surgeon

Dr Asif Shaik

Dr. Asif Shaik the C.M.D of Alux Dental is an Implantologist & Cosmetic Dental Surgeon. After graduating from India pursued Cosmetic Dentistry from State University of NewYork, Buffalo, USA and further went on to complete Advanced Dental Implantology from the prestigious P-I Branemark Institute Bauru, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dr. Asif Shaik discovered his passion for dentistry in the year— in Banglore, where he soon joined MR Ambedkar Dental College. His zeal to heal led him to the field of oral and maxillofacial Surgery, which he completed from DY Patil, dental college in Mumbai.

Transcending barriers he traveled across the globe to master the art of implant dentistry from the prestigious PI Branemark Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil. All in pursuit of his dream to beautify smiles, and transform lives.

Today Dr. Asif is one of the 67 specialists in the world to have mastered the the Zygomatic Implant rehabilitation procedure, having placed more than 8000 implants. In the last two decades he has touched lives across the globe in USA, India, Brazil and Dubai.

His work has earned him recognition in the prestigious British Dental Journals & American Dental Journals.

As a Passionate entrepreneur he set out to establish medical institutions, 30 Bedded Hospitals, Sophisticated Dental Clinics, a Diagnostic Centre, a state-of-the-art Cosmetology Centre with ALUX DENTAL as his greatest brainchild.

The highly skilled surgeon with an eye for aesthetics, has an immense understanding of client requirements and medical etiquette which has enabled him to deliver the best in health care. This dentist is known for pushing the limits to deliver nothing short of perfection.

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Amazing service!

It’s helpful to have a provider who is thorough both in the office visit and the follow up contact. I’ve already recomended to friends and family.

Jasmine Ericsson

Helped me a lot

Not only was I having problems with my vision but my eyes were also itchy, irritated and red. They treated for dry eyes and my eyes feel great!

Katelin Lee

Awesome surgeons

The hours are great, and I didn’t have to wait long, what I also like about your office is that you are up-to-date with state-of the-art equipment.

Anita Sempers

My shape is perfect!

They gave me much more than health – they gave me my life back. One that I can still enjoy with my family and my children.

Katharyn Jackson

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Copyright by Dr Asif Shaik. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Dr Aisf Shaik. All rights reserved.